The Search for Man is an instructive course

on moral character, Catholic doctrine, and

spiritual maturity.

Our course uses outstanding movies as its primary “textbook”, employing case-study method.

Each month we'll watch a great movie, chosen from a wide variety of genres, and discuss

the human virtues and aspects of the Catholic faith reflected in its characters and plot.

Attendees will analyze them in an engaging yet serious atmosphere of thoughtful

Christian reflection.


What is Christian manliness?
What does it take to be a true, Christian man?

Great movies are true works of art.

Discussing great works of art can reveal answers to some of life’s most important questions.

In each session of this course, students will discern and analyze the messages and assumptions that one outstanding movie communicates.

Course Overview & Schedule

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We are accepting applications from 8th-grade boys who demonstrate maturity, academic interest, and the motivation to learn.